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Practical and Applied Karate Tournaments – P.AK.T.

Posted by Doug Connell in Uncategorised on 27th November 2017

You can download your entry form by clicking on link below. PAKT TOURNAMENT SLIP You can pay by clicking on one of the links below:  All 3 events (Kata & Application, Pad Work and Kumite) Single event  – Kata & Application Single event – Pad Work Single event – Kumite INTRODUCTION TO PRACTICAL AND APPLIED KARATE TOURNAMENTS… Read More »

Next is BLACK FEBRUARY 26th 2017

Posted by Mark Fagan in Events on 30th January 2017

THE NEXT IS BLACK CLASS IS A CLASS FOR PURPLE BELTS AND ABOVE ONLY AND IS BY INVITATION The Karate Black belt is probably the biggest goal and most important milestone for most karate practitioners. Many will set out on the journey but only few will arrive. This class is to make sure that you’re… Read More »

Practical Karate Tournament FEBRUARY 25th 2017

Posted by Mark Fagan in Tournament on

Come and pit your karate skills against your dojo friends and others at our “New Look” Practical Karate Tournament!! The new Cartagories are: 1) Kata solo performance, application of its bunkai against a compliantv opponent and the application of its bunkai against a less compliant opponent. 2) Padwork combinations and impact. 3) Sport style kumite… Read More »

Tournament Training FEBRUARY 11th 2017

Posted by Mark Fagan in Events on

Put yourself in the best possible position to win medals at the upcoming “New Look” Practical Karate Tournament on the 25th of February! All ages and grades welcome. This session will get you ahead! £10 for 3 hour session


Posted by Doug Connell in Tournament on 8th August 2016

Sunday the 20th of November 2016 – Come and pit your skills against your fellow “Karateka” in our new look, practical orientated tournament. This is going to be HUGE! Don’t miss out, see your instructor for an entry form.

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