With Shogun Practical Karate the emphasis with the adults is on the PRACTICAL! Real life self-defence is NOT LIKE IN THE FILMS. We only teach techniques that are going to work in real life situations.


Sick of the running machine at the gym? Karate is a personal pursuit that you can go at your own pace at. If you haven’t exercised for a while karate will enable you to build these fitness levels up at your own pace while learning something worthwhile! In our experience an increase in fitness level is one of the first areas that adults see changes in.

Women's Self Defence

We were asked to hold a number of ladies only classes to focus on gender specific attacks and since then we run them regularly. These classes are held at different locations throughout the year and are a pragmatic, realistic and give ladies the no frills information on exactly how to defend/ protect themselves.

Women’s Self-Defence/Protection

Combat Classes

Once adult students have a good grasp of the basic concepts of karate we invite them to take part in our specially designed Combat classes. These classes are held in normal everyday clothing and their main emphasis is on realism and what would work “outside the chip shop” on a Friday night. These classes are optional. More details on our Combat classes can be found on our Featured page.

Combat Classes

Family time

Does it always feel like work, work, work? Is the only time you see your children when you’re dropping them off at yet another club or on the weekends? Instead of dropping them off why not stay and join in with the karate training? Share a common interest with your kids! Families that train together normally end up training for a longer period of time meaning even better results and priceless memories.

If only I'd started 10 years ago!

How many times have we heard this? J Some of our best students and instructors didn’t start until they were in their 40’s and 50’s. You don’t need to have the physique and athletisism of an 18 yr old to get involved.

Don’t give it another 10 years!

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