It is well known that children learn best when they play. We have therefore made it our responsibility at Shogun Practical Karate to ensure that our younger students learn in a fun and nurturing environment. This ensures that karate is not something they have to do but something that they want to do and can continue to enjoy for a lifetime.


At Shogun Practical Karate we are committed to making sure that our students do not become the victims or indeed the perpetrators of bullying. This is all done by our continued re-enforcement in a student’s self -confidence and respect for others. We are associate members of the Anti-bullying Alliance and work closely with them to keep our teaching methods on this subject up to date. Go to our Anti Bullying Alliance page for more information.

More info on the Anti-Bullying Alliance

Healthy Bodies

It is no secret that childhood obesity in this country is at an all-time high and continues to rise. At our classes our students are not only kept fit with games, line drills and pad work but are encouraged to pursue more traditional exercise such as press ups, sit ups and squats as well as being taught about the bodies muscle groups and the importance of a strong healthy heart.

Encouragement and Rewards

We are lucky in karate to have the belt grading system where a student is constantly looking to reach the next colour belt. Sometimes for young children these rewards can seem to take too long! We have installed a badge system that allows the younger student to work towards individual aspects of their karate and making that time between belts go a little bit quicker! Add to that certificates and student of the week awards and it hopefully equals an environment of recognition for hard work.  We have had feedback that this has often rubbed off in the student’s academic pursuits at school where big improvements have been made.

Learn about gradings


In class when our students bow they are taught that it means respect. This is something that is taken and taught seriously. Respect for their Sensei (teacher), respect for each other, respect for their parents and most importantly respect for themselves.  In modern society respect is a dying thing, that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

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