Can I try it out first?

Yes you can! We offer all new students the chance to have a go first. We want you to be sure that you’re happy with us and that we’re the right club for you!

How much are classes?

Classes are £6.50 for 1 family member, £6 each for 2 members of the same family and £5.50 each for 3 or more of the same family. This is paid on a pay as you go basis for the first 3 months so you can make sure it’s definitely for you. After the 3 months we put all students on a monthly standing order that equates to the same amount.

Is there a membership fee? How much is it?

Yes we do have a one off membership fee of £24 and this is payable on the 2nd class.

What class will be suitable for us?

We will get you to the right class, just give us a call to have a chat or send us an e mail. We’ll find out where you are located, whether you want an adult only, children only or family class and whether you are a beginner or have a bit of experience. We’ll soon get you settled in a class that is suitable for you.

I’m a bit apprehensive about going, what can I expect?

Everyone who does martial arts has been an absolute beginner at one stage…..fact! If on your first class you arrive slightly earlier than the time stated the Instructor will give you a 5 minute introductory chat and hopefully waylaying any concerns you may have. Where it’s necessary we usually “buddy” a beginner up with a more experienced student so they have someone to explain things to them if the instructor is with someone else. The atmosphere in all our classes is great, you’ll have fun!

I haven’t exercised in a while, am I fit enough?

Whatever your level of fitness is, you will be ok with us. Take things at your own pace. Your instructor will encourage you but were not Sergeant Majors! An increase in a student’s fitness and stamina is one of the first improvements we notice after a month or so of training.

How often should we train?

It’s great you’re thinking this way! If you are a beginner I would say once a week would see you make improvements. As you progress you can add another training day if you like. Some people train with their children at one of our family classes and then train at an adult’s only class later in the week. The only answer is to train however often suits you!

What age can my little ones start from?

We take children from5 years old. We do sometimes make exceptions if a 4 year old has a sibling already in a class.

Do I need a Karate suit when I start?

We do sell the karate suits ourselves but we don’t recommend that you get one for a month or so! While you’re still testing the water you can train in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Once you’re ready the uniforms (gi’s) are around £22 depending on the size. Ask your instructor at class.

Am I going to get hurt doing karate?

As a beginner (first 6 months to a year) you will never be put in a position where you would be able to get hurt. Even after that it is very rare that anyone gets injured. We take safety very seriously and provide safety equipment to safeguard student’s well-being on the occasions when it is needed. We practice mild contact during our sparring sessions.

I’ve done some martial arts before, is there a class for me?

– Yes of course! A lot of people who have trained before don’t really want to start from white belt again and that’s ok. We’ll get a feel of where you are in regards to what we do and take it from there. We have several students (adults and children) who have crossed over from other styles and have found a home with us.

Will it make my child aggressive?

You’re not the first person to wonder this! We have found through years of experience that the opposite is true.

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