British Combat Association

British Combat Karate Association (BCKA)

The BCKA falls under the umbrella of the World famous BCA (British Combat Association) founded by Peter Consterdine 9th Dan and Geoff Thompson (8th Dan).

Iain Abernethy is also one of the BCKA’S Senior Instructors. Shogun Practical Karate is affiliated to the BCKA and its syllabus is approved by them. Doug trains with Peter, Geoff and Iain as often as possible.

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Doug Connell has both a strong background in martial arts and personal security. I’ve known Doug for many years. He has trained with leading figures in both fields. Doug always ensures that what he teaches is simple, functional and in line with current best practise. As well as last resort physical skills, Doug also has a thorough knowledge of personal security issues, ensuring a health attitude to personal safety, conflict management, verbal de-escalation, performance under stress, the law relating to self-protection, etc. Doug’s relaxed and yet highly informative and authoritative teaching style combine to make him a highly recommended teacher.

Iain Abernethy  6th Dan-BCKA

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