Anti-Bullying Alliance

Bullying is something that effects many children at school and adults in the workplace. It is an ugly thing and can lead to mood swings, withdrawal and depression. We work as associate members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance and in November 2015 did 22 free assemblies and workshops at schools in the area in front of around 2000 children.

We work on this subject carefully and divide it into 6 areas

  1. Defining what a bully is and why they do what they do.
  2. Making sure we’re not bullying people ourselves.
  3. How to react when people verbally bully us.
  4. Making sure we do not become silent bystanders when we witness bullying.
  5. Confidence through self-empowerment, including body language, eye contact etc.
  6. 6Locks, holds and as a last resort striking to stop physical bullying.

It is really gratifying as instructors when we hear that the bullying of an individual has stopped and we watch them start to gain confidence and enjoy themselves again!

For more information on the Anti Bullying Association please go to the Anti Bullying Association website

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